Feng Shui vs Interior Design 风水与设 

Through many of my consults, a common perspective and impression of people are that, Feng Shui Master and ID or Architect always seems to have an issue. That has never been an issue in my years of working together with an ID or Arch.

If Feng Shui is the beating heart, Interior Design is the body that houses it. Although these two are known to bump heads, they should learn to work together. They overlap, so a bit of advance coordination can result in a more satisfied customer and a better-looking end result. The overall design and energy of all living spaces have a deep impact on your energy, subconsciousness and behavior. And as several studies have indicated, and as we all know by now, the environment has a very positive effect on one’s mood and mindset. Enclosing yourself in four walls without any consideration of this means depriving yourself of clean air, positive emotions and well-being.

Feng Shui system can be blended with Interior Design to achieve the most aesthetic Feng Shui for a property. As there are more than one LOCATION 防衛 and DIRECTION 方向 that can be utilized in a Feng Shui formation so blending with the design will create a better harmony, safety and comfort for the people in the house or office.

The smoother the blend between the Feng Shui and the interior design, the easier it will be to use the energy area for family and other gatherings. The more design elements you introduce into your home, the more connected the energy you will feel. The benefits of this harmonious design approach are numerous and compared to what you’re getting, it is fairly easy to implement.

A home needs Feng Shui to reprogram the imbalanced energy. Modern homes need this kind of organizer to create a suitable and comfortable interior design while paying attention to the energy and human aesthetic needs. So, always remember that Feng Shui and Interior Design go hand in hand to create a perfect aesthetically comfortable home and you have nothing to lose, but much to gain by combining both! www.ziweidoushubazi.blogspot.com June 2020 
dern society because of innate need subjective organizer to organize and arrange lacking of 
modern projects of identity to interior design Modern technology needed this kind of organizer to create suitable and comfortable interior design whit attention of humanaesthetic needs.
Rossbach, S. 

風水 Feng Shui Quotes

Feng Shui is about the calibration of energy around us ~rgck
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2017 DING YIN TONG JI JU 丁阴同机巨

This 2017 丁酉 ‘ding you’ year most nations will likely be in decline. Are all the countries going to have the same fate? Definitely not, as our globe are still circling and the 24 directions will have favorable directions too. But only landform masters and experts can see it clearly. In the world, how can you differentiate between your 吉凶 lucky or non-favourable positions? Apart from the experts there are also the wise ones that can tell. But all this wise sages are almost like the dinosaurs either disappeared or extinct. So what is left to control and affect is our Destiny ‘ming’ and Fate ‘yun’. If your luck cycle is good, even during the economy decline you are least affected and will still have gains.  So is better to know your own chart to determine the good and bad cycle so that you can decrease your risk or to plan your path.

This year 2017 ding you year, the ‘tai yin hua lu’ is a direct wealth star. The money comes from direct type of careers and savings so it is good for people in career. Proper and direct dealing of assets and properties can increase income. For those that have the right combinations of stars, properties investment will be very favourable. ‘Tian Tong hua quan’ is a mild and relax star when it transform to power it will have no major impact and the most it will do is to order people around. ‘Tian ji hua ke’ is much more fearsome as when it is in an unfavourable palace or in the influencing palaces it may bring out the scheming tendency of this star and it will invite major bad publicity and shame affecting the loss of reputation and status. ‘Ju men hua ji’ is a quarrelsome star when it meets ‘hua ji’ it will bring about gossips, disagreement and disputes.  Gossips and disputes are created from the mouth and problems will also arise from being a busybody.  So what is the formation of your chart? Make sure you get it right. If you are ‘ji yue tong liang’ format, your business and family will have a lot of frustrations and disputes as all the transforming stars is in this weak formation.
If your Ming palace is in this position then it is a frustrating year with a lot of legal, quarrel and disputes causing emotional frustrations.  It is recommended for all ‘ji yue tong liang’ formation to lay low and avoid showing off to prevent hatred and jealousy that may bring trouble to you.
If you have a ‘sha po lang’ formation it will have lesser problems than the ‘ji yue tong liang’ format. If your major luck cycle is good and have the matching yearly cycle luck then this year you will reap rewards from the effort invested. This formation must be careful of problems from partnerships and family. This year be careful of your health and body being prone to problems in relation to breathing organ, lung, nose sensitivity or asthma. This year with the right combinations plus hard work and effort it is considered a favourable year. www.ziweidoushubazi.blogspot.com Jan 2017
Last year was a tough year for many as mentioned, with low activity and especially in the situation of being short of cash and having to eat into your own savings with exceptions to those chart with favourable combinations.



Again we have come to 2016 丙申 'Bing Shen' new year to repeat the yearly predictions. The urge for us not to write is presence this year as everyone’s chart is different and the combinations can have thousands of combinations and changes. This simple description of 2 stars having 化禄 ‘hua lu’ transforming to prosper and  化忌 ‘hua ji’ transforming to restrain, both indication is not detail enough for a destiny reading that can assist in life planning or decision making. So let this short article serve as a general reference only.

This ‘bing’ year where天同化禄 ‘Tian tong’ will be having ‘hua lu’. ‘Tian Tong’ is a soft and gentle star, and it doesn’t represent wealth. This star becomes even more relax and lazy when it turns ‘hua lu’. Zi Wei Dou Shu has 2 sets of major combinations, consisting of 机月同梁 ‘ji yue tong liang’ and 杀破狼 ‘sha po lang’. When the 三方四正 triangular and square palace meets with ‘ji yue tong liang’ then your 六亲 ‘liu qin’ (parent, spouse, sibling and children) and health palace will have ‘sha po lang’. If you have ‘tian tong hua lu’ in your ’ming’ destiny palace or within your square and triangular palaces like wealth, career, travel without meeting any ‘sha’ killing stars then this year will be a relax year. It will be favourable for office or administrative based career.  But if it meets killing stars although you have ‘tiang tong hua lu’ it can also mean you are eating into your savings while you are out of work. If Spouse palace meets with this ‘tian tong hua lu’ then it will likely to have 桃花 ‘tao hua’ peach blossom (relationship) luck. ‘Tian tong’ in destiny or square and triangular palace then you have to beware of problems in family and senior or having low affinity. Your health will be prone to weakness and partnerships, colleagues or friends luck will be low. 
廉贞 'lian zhen’ star will be having 化忌 ‘hua ji’ so if you have a ‘sha po lang’ format in your ‘ming’ or triangular and square then you will have to take care of 是非 shi fei’ disputes, gossips and quarrels. And you are advised to reduce your investments or risk taking especially in external trading. If it is in your career palace then you have to be careful as you will be prone to disputes, legal issues and problems. If this star falls into your wealth palace and together with killing stars then you will have problems with collections and will be short of cash. So in summary, if this star falls into or within your triangular and square, combined with killing stars, then this year will be a stressful and unhappy year.    www.ziweidoushubazi.blogspot.com Feb 2016

China History in a Cookie 刘伯温燒餅歌 !!

There’s a legendary prophecy in Malaysia that the presidency is according to the alphabetical order 'RAHMAN' and that's why 'N' will be the last. And some even say that there will be big changes coming. As ‘R’ is for Rahman, ‘A’ is for Abdul Razak, ‘H’ is Hussein Onn, ‘M’ is for Mahathir, ‘A’ is initially thought to be Anwar but came Abdullah and now ‘N’ is for Najib. But there were no extra words coming out from this legend anymore. Is it true or shall it be taken lightly?
By thinking about the current situation and country luck cycle, leads me to recall a famous Imperial Astrologer 刘伯温 ‘Liu Bo Wen’ from the Ming Dynasty of China and his very famous Cookie Song 燒餅歌 'shao bing ge’. It all began from a piece of cookie. True or not this excerpt is being translated from Liu Bo Wen’s book and it is recorded in the history of China. His entire book prophecies, describe how the Ming Dynasty era of fate and happenings.
In China’s history, the last few dynasties in accordance, were ’Tang’, ’Song’, ’Yuan’, ’Ming’ and the lastly  ’Qing’. Liu Bo Wen existed at the end of Yuan Dynasty year 1311. He was from Zhe Jiang province. He died during Ming Dynasty year 1375 at the age of 65. He is intelligent even from a very young age and 半似日兮 ‘shu du bai jia’ are well-versed in multiple knowledge like art of war, i-ching, metaphysic, politic, philosophy, history and etc. He assisted 朱元璋 ’Zhu Yuan Zhang’ in war and formed the Ming Dynasty so he became one of the founding minister. Initially, the palace of Ming dynasty was located in Nanjing China. He assisted the emperor in planning and managing the dynasty. He was involved in setting state administration, constitution, law and order. The first Ming Emperor, Zhu Yuan Zhang trusted a lot in him. He was the main influence in the country’s politics. It is well known that his Metaphysic Destiny skills are very outstanding. Let's evaluate further by taking a stroll back into the Ming Dynasty.

One day, while the Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang was resting in his hall and enjoying his cookie 燒餅 ‘shaobing’. While the emperor is having the first bite, his assistant came to inform that Liu Bo Wen was requesting permission to meet his majesty. So the emperor took a bowl to cover his cookie and summoned Liu Bo Wen to enter the palace. 
When Liu Bo Wen arrived, the emperor asked him, “Since you are good in predictions, can you guess what is inside this bowl?”.
Immediately Liu Bo Wen took out his hand moving and utilizing the finger calculation method and then said,
"Half like a sun, half like a moon, had a bite from a golden dragon”
Amazed and the emperor said, “Since you are so accurate, can you predict how my kingdom will be in the future?”
Liu Bo Wen then hesitantly said, “This is heaven’s fate but it is not important anymore since your majesty already have many so many descendants and followers now”
Then the emperor insisted, “Although success and failure is determined by heaven but I would still like to know a little, as it is not a very difficult task for you”. 
Liu Bo Wen ponder and said, “Unless you pardon me, only then I would dare to predict for your majesty.”
The emperor agreed so Liu Bo Wen started to predict and created his Cookie Song prophecy of the entire fate on the success and failure of Ming Dynasty ruling for the 276 years. This is an extract from the first part of his prophecy



“Ming dynasty conquers china,
Southern will end, Northern will rise.
Thou your prince is your descendant,
Prevent educated successor & grandson failure.
Your fort may very look strong,
Well-guarded and very secured.
Unless when swallow flies into capital”

In brief history, the Ming conquered china. But later Zhu Yuan Zhang did not pass the throne to any of his sons but he had given it to his favorite grandson that is mild and educated. During the grandson’s reign, his ministers had advised him to remove the powers of his relatives and his uncles (sons of Zhu Yuan Zhang). His uncle, Zhu Yuan Zhang’s fourth son 朱棣 ‘zhu di’ titled swallow king 燕王 ’yen wang’ was a very powerful prince and a warlord. As he was being pressured too much, he pretended to be crazy. Later when the king was unaware, he launched an attack and took over the crown. After taking over the kingdom he found that ‘Nanjing’ 南京 the southern capital was hard to defend so finally he moved and set his Ming dynasty kingdom in ‘Beijing’ 北京 the northern capital. www.ziweidoushubazi.blogspot.com Aug 2015

2015 YI JI LIANG ZI YIN 乙机梁紫阴


We have just passed the 12th  month 十二月 of year 2014 in the 农历 "nong li" lunar calendar, seems like just yesterday. Looking at the past year there was a lot of foreign and people related problems and disputes. Destiny reading is only targeted on personal level and never on a national level so all the influences from the stars in the chart can only affect us. In Zi Wei Dou Shu System there are 机月同梁 “Ji Yue Tong Liang” and 杀破狼 “Sha Po Lang” category of star chart classification groups.   

>>>Jan 2014 Article
In this Year 2015 乙未年 “yi wei nian” of the main direct wealth star is being inflicted by 化忌 “hua ji”. The Tai yin star wealth attributes comes from direct, straight or professional category like business, career, professional or corporate. Tai yin star represents long term and continuous so it is classified as 正财“zheng cai” direct wealth. In this world around half the people may have thiscombination of having “tai yin” in their own palace or 三方四正  “san fang shi zheng” triangular and square combination. 
If this is the case all direct wealth industry will be very challenging.  The wealth will slowly flow outward especially if they meet with a lot of bad stars. “Sha po lang” combination group their “tai yin” will be at their family or related palaces so it will cause low affinity or issues with them especially with the female family members having a greater effect. If you are working for others and have a female employer you will be prone to unstable relation and pressure. If in the 太阴化忌 "tai yin hua ji" is in the health palace then pay attention to your mental and emotional state becoming unhappy or unstable.

In summary, if you are inflicted this “tai yin” are prone to effect from asset, wealth and money so it will bring about stress & worries. It is recommend that all affected ladies to be careful when you are outside as it is an unfavourable year for you.www.ziweidoushubazi.blogspot.com Feb 2015

>>>Nov 2013 Article

Last year, even "Ma Ying Jeou" is affected by his own luck cycle. His downfall came fast, even before his term. Everyone's path is being controlled by their own luck cycle.

Doll changing physiognomy 娃娃相由心生

This famous Japanese doll called 巿松人形 “ichimatsu ningyou” was a present from a Japanese good friend to Master Yap. Sharing this real story and hoping my friends that go to Japan will be careful when buying this type of dolls. Master Yap said, “The ichimatsu dolls was kept for a long time before it was being displayed, till I bought a new apartment. To have an aesthetic interior this doll was then being placed as a decorative piece. In mid of the year 2013, I was sleeping there for two nights. In the middle of the night I heard some noise similar to sound of rattling chain at night that woke me up. The next night around the same time of 3am, I heard the same noise again and it is even more intense, followed by a sound of a cup lid dropping to the floor. I thought it might probably have been blown off by the fan. It never came to my sense that it was anything to do with any spiritual presence. I don’t usually sleep there as it was for my convenience sake of having a nearer place to rest. One afternoon after a long absence I came back to this condominium for a rest. Upon arrival I saw all the lights in the toilet have been turned on so I thought I was careless that I didn’t switch it off during last time when I left the place. The next day I went to this condo again and I found all the lights were turned on again. I began to feel something is wrong. The next day I brought a friend to witness that I switch off all the lights.  After that I came back after a few days and I that found all the lights are on again. But yet I still refused to belief that spirits are able to physically move objects. So to be safe I summoned an electrician to do a thorough checking on the electrical in the unit to make sure of any short circuit or problems. The electrician checked and confirmed that nothing is wrong and to be sure I hired yet another electrician to double check. The answer is the same that both of them confirmed there was no issues or problems with the unit electrical. Lastly I also changed the locks to be sure. But it is still occurring and the lights will be turned on randomly.  After one week when I returned again the lights was turned on. I was very angry so I went to the toilet and rooms shouted trying to summon anything to appear or come out but there wasn’t any respond nor anything ever happened.

I am a Buddhist and I began to recall my masters teaching’s that all evil or spirits must dwell in a statue like objects to reside. So I started to search around to see what can be resided. And I saw this doll and I remembered that some Japanese dolls are made out of real hair. As there was only one statue around so I went to it and placed my hand on top of the doll head and use our methods to chant and sealed the doll. And I never thought I was skilled as it was never put into practiced till now. Strangely nothing ever happened after that and all the lights do not turn on anymore.

Later after some weeks I went back there to take a rest again and during the state of being half asleep or dreamlike mode, I saw myself looking for the spirit and saw the doll beside my bed and there was a kid inside the doll seated with both hands clasp on the head. I suddenly felt angry and I wanted to hit it with my hands but there was a lot of voice preventing and telling me to stop. Shortly I was awaken and I called my master to seek for advice as I do not wish to keep the doll but dare not to destroy it. My master said he will come to settle the doll when the time is right". www.ziweidoushubazi.blogspot.com November 2014

Can a doll without life have a facial expression from the heart?

All the dolls were brought back with a happy expressions before the incident happened

Face Reading Governor 曾国藩

Zeng Guofan 曾国藩. He was born in a poor family. As a youth, he was notorious for living drunkenly and even experimenting with opium; choices he would later renounce as he became an ardent military man.  Later he became a literary scholar and devoted to Confucius classics. He has profound interest in writing, knowledge, poem and books. At the age of 37 he became the military vice minister. At the age of 54 he lead an attack and managed to take down the 太平天Taiping Rebellion in the Tianjin capital. At the age of 56 years he became the governor of two province.

Zeng Guofan is a very famous military general in the Qing Dynasty. At the age of 58 years old his career & status is at the peak. His success is attributed to many factors. It was said that he is very good in face reading. He wrote a book called “bing jian” 冰鉴, another book is “xiang ren que” 相人缺 so he is being known for his good ability in utilizing people. He is able to group multiple capable and skilled people beside him as his acquaintances. They will strategize and plan for him.

He is superb in observation of voice and facial movement together with body language and face features. He will judge when he is having a conversation with them. As he has a high post many would like to serve under him. Whenever interviewing he will sit quietly to observe them for a lengthy time. Some would feel nervous and uncomfortable. He would later note down all his observations. He would record everything in detail. He is able to groom many subordinates. He has even wrote formulas on face reading below are some excerpts;-

Good or 邪 Evil look at the eyes
Genuine or Fakes look at the 嘴唇 mouth
功名 Achievements look at the 氣概 charismatic spirit  
富貴 Wealthy look at the 精神 vitality
主意 Decisiveness look at the  指爪 handgrip
风波 Crisis look at the脚筋 leg stance

His book  相人十二法 “xiang ren shi er fa” describes 12 classification of face & body language

 Six Good features “mei”

1st must be lengthy “chang”
2nd must be healthy yellow “huang”
3rd must high spirited “ang”
4th must be tighen “jin”
5th must be stable “wen”
6th must be balanced “cheng”

Six Bad features “e”

1st must not be rustic “cun”
2nd must not be faint “hun”
3rd must not be stored “tun”
4th must not be restless “dong”
5th must not be impulsive 忿 “fen”
6th must not be evasive “dun”

He can observe the good and bad points of people when they are talking. He differentiated Four official categories into different characteristic temperament. These four types may not be independently successful but they are good for substantial contribution to mankind and few may have significant impact and high status.

Type one 讲道理之人 Principled Person” -  Humble, easygoing, peaceful and perseverance people in mind and heart. Calm, logical, considerate, persistent, objective, accurate and will investigate thoroughly and detail. They handle with appropriateness and systematically.

Type two 讲事理之人 Logical Person” –  Quick, flexible, adaptable and good at handling trouble. Uphold responsibility, ambitious, power craving and like to independently change the environment and history. They handle based on logic and not personal.

Type three 讲义理之人 Ethical Person” –  Cultured, caring, traditional, trustworthy and regulated person. Will focus on self cultivation, commitment, moral, discipline and values.  Cherish reputation, status, social image and hate evil people. They are inflexible, slow to accept new and unfamiliar.  They handle based on morals, reservation and conservativeness.

Type four 讲情理之人 Sensible Person” –  Streetwise, responsive, quick to change and adapt according to situation. They follow their own feelings and methods. They are proud, illogical and unconstraint by rules and social norms. They handle with passion, fast and unconventional.

Zheng Guofan becomes an expert in people management and positioning because of his is in depth people observation skills and experience.  If he was to recommend anyone to the officials he will choose the ones that they have matching style but humble. He prefers the types that are capable and knowledgeable and not braggart. Constantly observing and referring to his notes that he recorded to determine a person’s position (Job Profiling).

He was also known for his strategic perception, administrative skill and noble personality. Till date nobody is comparable to him yet.
Science of Body Language & Face Reading knowledge do exist and are being utilized by the sages and officials many years way before our time!! www.ziweidoushubazi.blogspot.com July 2014