Face Reading Governor 曾国藩

Zeng Guofan 曾国藩. He was born in a poor family. As a youth, he was notorious for living drunkenly and even experimenting with opium; choices he would later renounce as he became an ardent military man.  Later he became a literary scholar and devoted to Confucius classics. He has profound interest in writing, knowledge, poem and books. At the age of 37 he became the military vice minister. At the age of 54 he lead an attack and managed to take down the 太平天Taiping Rebellion in the Tianjin capital. At the age of 56 years he became the governor of two province.

Zeng Guofan is a very famous military general in the Qing Dynasty. At the age of 58 years old his career & status is at the peak. His success is attributed to many factors. It was said that he is very good in face reading. He wrote a book called “bing jian” 冰鉴, another book is “xiang ren que” 相人缺 so he is being known for his good ability in utilizing people. He is able to group multiple capable and skilled people beside him as his acquaintances. They will strategize and plan for him.

He is superb in observation of voice and facial movement together with body language and face features. He will judge when he is having a conversation with them. As he has a high post many would like to serve under him. Whenever interviewing he will sit quietly to observe them for a lengthy time. Some would feel nervous and uncomfortable. He would later note down all his observations. He would record everything in detail. He is able to groom many subordinates. He has even wrote formulas on face reading below are some excerpts;-

Good or 邪 Evil look at the eyes
Genuine or Fakes look at the 嘴唇 mouth
功名 Achievements look at the 氣概 charismatic spirit  
富貴 Wealthy look at the 精神 vitality
主意 Decisiveness look at the  指爪 handgrip
风波 Crisis look at the脚筋 leg stance

His book  相人十二法 “xiang ren shi er fa” describes 12 classification of face & body language

 Six Good features “mei”

1st must be lengthy “chang”
2nd must be healthy yellow “huang”
3rd must high spirited “ang”
4th must be tighen “jin”
5th must be stable “wen”
6th must be balanced “cheng”

Six Bad features “e”

1st must not be rustic “cun”
2nd must not be faint “hun”
3rd must not be stored “tun”
4th must not be restless “dong”
5th must not be impulsive 忿 “fen”
6th must not be evasive “dun”

He can observe the good and bad points of people when they are talking. He differentiated Four official categories into different characteristic temperament. These four types may not be independently successful but they are good for substantial contribution to mankind and few may have significant impact and high status.

Type one 讲道理之人 Principled Person” -  Humble, easygoing, peaceful and perseverance people in mind and heart. Calm, logical, considerate, persistent, objective, accurate and will investigate thoroughly and detail. They handle with appropriateness and systematically.

Type two 讲事理之人 Logical Person” –  Quick, flexible, adaptable and good at handling trouble. Uphold responsibility, ambitious, power craving and like to independently change the environment and history. They handle based on logic and not personal.

Type three 讲义理之人 Ethical Person” –  Cultured, caring, traditional, trustworthy and regulated person. Will focus on self cultivation, commitment, moral, discipline and values.  Cherish reputation, status, social image and hate evil people. They are inflexible, slow to accept new and unfamiliar.  They handle based on morals, reservation and conservativeness.

Type four 讲情理之人 Sensible Person” –  Streetwise, responsive, quick to change and adapt according to situation. They follow their own feelings and methods. They are proud, illogical and unconstraint by rules and social norms. They handle with passion, fast and unconventional.

Zheng Guofan becomes an expert in people management and positioning because of his is in depth people observation skills and experience.  If he was to recommend anyone to the officials he will choose the ones that they have matching style but humble. He prefers the types that are capable and knowledgeable and not braggart. Constantly observing and referring to his notes that he recorded to determine a person’s position (Job Profiling).

He was also known for his strategic perception, administrative skill and noble personality. Till date nobody is comparable to him yet.
Science of Body Language & Face Reading knowledge do exist and are being utilized by the sages and officials many years way before our time!! www.ziweidoushubazi.blogspot.com July 2014

When three are walking together, one can be my teacher 三人行必有我師焉

道家做人標准 - 領悟道,修德,順其自然,淡名利
Daoism’s Standard – understand the path, cultivate virtue, to let nature takes it course and not seek fame & wealth
儒家做人標准-仁,義,礼,智,信. 人生观-积极进取,建功立业.
Confucian’s Standard - righteousness, humanity, etiquette, wisdom, trust, positively progressing and goals oriented

佛家做人標准 - 绪恶莫作, 众善奉行, 遵守戒律, 慈爱众生, 旡私奉献.
Buddhism’s Standard – do no evil, do only virtue act, adhere to principles, love all living things and selfless contribution

三人行必有我師焉, 這句名言出自孔子。









The famous verse “san ren xing bi you wo shi yan” we have something to learn from everyone comes from Confucius.
Last time when young always listening to my elderly say that “the sky is big, the land is huge and I am big”. From the reflections of the moon looking at own shadows will make one feels that they are great and amazing. Humans all are borne with such inherent arrogant said Confucius; “san ren xing bi you wo shi” we have something to learn from everyone, we adapt from the best and improve from the worst.
This verse may look simple but looking deeper it is not easy at all. If you find others are better than you, are you modest to correct from roots. To learn and accept this fact is never easy.
When you laugh at other people’s knowledge you should first ask yourself if your knowledge has reached the level that you can make fun of others? Has your knowledge level surpass the person you made fun of? Do you know their system? If not, then please be silent.
Recently my student informed that there are people on the internet criticized my articles and using my article as his game of mockery. Making fun and creating jokes along the article. My student was asking how should they handle it?  I asked, “Do you think they have entered the doorstep of 'Zi Wei"? Can analyse periodical luck? Can they apply it?”  If they have not reached this requirement then I would not like to waste my time with them. They said, “Probably read some books and a smattering of knowledge definitely have not entered the door so is ignorable. Let them continue to believe one is infallible”.
My writing of articles are for past time and recreation. On the other hand, also hoping that the young leaners of "zi wei dou shu" can advance in the correct path to continue learning. As to how much they can penetrate will be based on hard work and life experience to utilize the knowledge to read and determine a chart.
Destiny knowledge is not as simple as by just reading a book or two to grasp this metaphysics knowledge. If they find that my articles are of poor quality, please do not read. And please be assured that I do not depend on this industry to serve my meals so will not rob your rice bowl.
But would like to offer a little advice, “As a professional in this destiny industry, establish your good ethics, speech and conduct so that you can raise your dignity as the fundamentals to your integrity”
Destiny industry has always been termed and viewed negatively and considered as a lowest grade profession. So as a destiny professional you should raise your standard and inner quality. So that others will not look down on this industry’s standard and integrity.
“Lastly, if you really have genuine skills you don’t need to belittle others to look good. Talking on papers and putting into practice are entirely different”. www.ziweidoushubazi.blogspot.com May 2014

Does 奴僕宫 servant/friend palace has substanstial influence on a chart?

Friends palace in "zi wei dou shu" is always the most underrated palace. Those learning “dou shu” always favors the 科禄权 “Ke Lu Quan” into the 命宫 Ming palace. And they are very afraid of having 化忌 “hua ji” in Ming or shining from the 三方四正 “san fang si zheng” triangular and square combination. This is a misconception of classification in the "zi wei dou shu" studies.
Years of research shows that when the owner has many “lu” in the Ming palace they are very seldom hardworking nor ambitious. Usually they like enjoyments and easy life or tend to indulge in pleasure seeking. If your “Ming” palace have “Ke Lu Quan” in triangular and square coupled with strong stars it is pity because all your other palaces like friend, parent, health or family are susceptible to the balance of the bad stars. Without having the support of the periodical stars when only your “Ming” palace is strong then the person will look good on surface only. At the beginning of learning “zi wei dou shu” the “hua ji” is usually the most disliked stars so usually most beginners will like it to be located at friend palace and stay far away from your “Ming”. Even till date many practitioner still have this type of thinking. A friend palace represents friends, subordinates, partners, strangers and outsiders. Many times when this palace is inflicted by bad stars it will cause the chart owner to face problems like mishaps, wealth loss, murder, robbery, kidnap, rape and other crimes. So this palace should not be taken lightly especially during the decade luck cycle gets inflicted by bad stars. When all the “ji’s” are used, it will cause major issues so we must be very careful, alert and aware of it.

For example in India where a girl who went up to the bus with his boyfriend and she was gang raped. In certain countries if you are not careful as a female you could have such problems even when you are a teenager. In this bus rape case, the culprit was caught and some was ONLY sentenced to imprisonment!!!  Because of the wide spread coverage of this particular incident the authorities was then being pressured to a heavier sentenced. It is really sad. In this type of country their culture and implementations are so weak that many young women become an object of sacrifice.  This category of gang criminals and problems comes from the 奴僕 “nu pu gong” or servant/friend palace.

This is another research case from the Chinese society and this chart is also inflicted in the friend palace. Her birth detail was kindly shared by an inspector that was handling the case.  This case has shocked the whole Taiwan as her mother was also a celebrity. 

She was kidnapped while she was going to school. The ransom asked was 5 million USD. In the end she was still being murdered. The 18 years old teenager body was found in a drain, naked and tortured. The kidnappers knew her parents. Finally they were caught and sentenced to death.www.ziweidoushubazi.blogspot.com Mar 2014

2014 JIA LIAN PO WU YANG 甲廉破武阳

This 2014 year is 甲午年 “Jia Wu nian”. Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone especially those with the 杀破狼 “Sha Po Lang” format 心想事成 “Xin Xiang Shi Cheng” get what they wish , 桃花旺 “tao hua wang” good peach blossom luck and 步步高升 “bu bu gao sheng” rise in position/status.
In "zi wei dou shu" fundamentals, stars are grouped into two major formats. One is “sha po lang” format group consisting of many businessmen and 武职 “wu zhi” martial, action or activity related type of work. And the other format group is the 机月同梁 “ji yue tong liang” format where alot 文职 “wen zhi” or corporate, literary or office type of work. They are more suited to mental, strategy and planning but if this format has bad combinations they may even make a living from cheating or being a conmen.
Jia Wu year in general is more beneficial to the “sha po lang” if the chart is not afflicted by bad stars combination but they must still avoid being too proud or arrogant. Because their 太阳 “tai yang” the Sun star is having 化忌 “hua ji” bad star which is most likely in their friends, family or health palace. When the Sun star is dimmed with “hua ji” then people luck, health luck and family luck will all suffer. The minimum event happenings are just having to face with some low affinity and the most serious could be disputes, departure or sickness. The format becomes maximum when the “tai yang” is dimmed and have two or more “hua ji”. This year is prone to gossips, disagreements and disputes. So think again “Do you think you prefer wealth/career over family harmony?” Tai Yang represents head, heart, blood pressure and eyes. So Beware!!.

If your “tai yang” the sun star is in the bright palace with “hua ji” especially the “Ji Yue Tong Liang” format group as long they choose to stay low profile and humble then disputes and problems can be avoided or minimized. The “ji yue tong liang” format without the bad stars affliction have better friend, family and people support luck. Comparatively to the “Sha Po Lang” group which fair lesser in this aspect. This is a busy and hectic year but if the “tai yang” star is dimmed with “hua ji’s” then it will become a very stressful year. Then one must be careful of all actions and speech to reduce problems.
As the Sun 太阳 “Tai Yang” is related to eyes and head. Those afflicted must take care of their blood pressure and heart. Be careful of your eyes, head and accidents. Try to reduce oily food, start exercising and take care of your health. Also take care of your elderly, parent, grandfather, father or senior of their well being and health.
Careful when  you are overseas for business,  dealing with foreigner or outsider. Be humble, patience & stay low key  to avoid disputes & minimize problems.
www.ziweidoushubazi.blogspot.com Jan 2014

Prefer a Show Off or Reserved type ? 鋒芒, 内歛 ?

In zi wei dou shu, when 太阳 “tai yang” star in the “ming” palace, the owner will be frank, outgoing and un-petty type. And they are usually very warm and open to others. But there are exceptions as it depends on their happiness palace or occurrence of killing stars in their triangular & square formation. But this type of chart and character always attract vengeances and jealousy as they are overly warm and busybody. As they are also boastful, proud and straight forward they easily offend others without being aware. And if they have 巨门 “ju men” star around, disputes and gossips will be in abundance. If they can learn to have self control then in their path they will have so much lesser problems. Students love to ask questions like “If tai yang star likes to show off then which star is more moderate or restraint?”

From the Zi Wei Dou Shu research, it is no other than the great 太阴 “tai yin” star. In the classics, there exist a term called 月朗天门 “yue lang tian men” where in the “hai” palace having “hua lu” will make the person's chart formation perfect. But this is an understatement as this formation will also get the “Tai yin hua lu” then “tion tong” and “ju men” star in happiness palace will have “hua ji”. Having experiences of many friends with this combination whenever they call up, it will be a pain to entertain. Having a good excuse to turn them down will bring a lot relief because they can be very stubborn, overly talkative and irritating. Those born on the heavenly stems of 庚年 “geng year” this “tai yin” star will have very different quality chart being further enhanced. It will be very vengeful and petty especially so when their “shen” body palace is similar to happiness palace. Because in this palace their “tian tong” and “ju men” and “hua ji” star will emit this character.

The Taiwan president 馬英九 “Ma Ying Jeou” has this type of chart and also sitting in the “hai” palace. If the birth time is correct then this chart owner will look soft, mild and restraint externally but his inner character will be very different. This type of stars even when they are bright will become too weak and petty but  vengeful. This weakness are not suitable for a leader of a nation. When angry he will use all kinds of way to take revenge. Looking at the current case, of his once an adversary and legal chief 王金平  “Wang Jin Pyng” having some indifference of views with him seen recently in the papers. He tries to penalize him with some minor accusations and unwisely whipped up some political storms. In his chart this will be his last year in his current decade. He would face much bigger consequences ahead. When his political career ends he will attain unfavorable reputation. But those dimmed "tai yin" formation with killing stars or a combination of the 科录权忌 “ke lu quan ji” have the same character but much stronger and daring.

For those born in the “xin” or “ji” heavenly stem year, they will have 文曲文昌化忌 “wen qu or wen chang hua ji”. The Tai yin star is not suitable to meet with them when they are bad. Meeting 文昌化忌 “wen chang hua ji” they will be a liar and will twist the facts and like to indulge in pleasures. Meeting 文曲 “wen qu” is even worst as many metaphysics or religious leader when their chart meets  with “wen qu” with dimmed “tai yin” coupled with “hua ji” they are classified as the 九流术士 lowest rank of practitioner in the classics. Usually they are prone to become con men so we always must be very careful as they have great virtue and integrity problems. The "tai yin" being a  soft star is afraid to meet killing stars like 羊陀火鈴 “yang tou huo ling”. When mild and soft stars meet with bad stars, 小心 PLEASE BE WARY!!!

Another “tai yang” chart awarded the Nobel peace prize, named the Taiwan’s Mandela 施明德 “Shih Mingde” having joined the red army and a leader of the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party's. Fought hard for democracy and anti-corruption. The "tai yang" star style in contrary is more a show off character 锋芒毕露 “feng mang bi lu”. 

"Shih Mingde" brings out the voice of justice, freedom and anti corruption. Thou very strong dreams and principles, still can’t manage to change a country but only himself. Because of his actions he had been imprisoned for many times and years. Like a 光明 “guang ming” guileless light in darkness shinning on people. "Ma Ying Jeou" on the other hand can influence a whole country's fate. A leader being mild, soft, unskilled nor talented when he runs a country then people will suffer. But there is a different format of another very different combination of "tai yin" of a renowned president, daring and successfully captained a country. To be continued...      www.ziweidoushubazi.blogspot.com Nov 2013
Now think again which do you fear most a Loud & Straight Forward or a Soft & Indirect candidate??

The 'Smarter' you are the harder you fall 機深禍更深

A trip to Beijing is worth spending a day to visit the famous Prince Gong’s Mansion 恭王府 “gong wang fu”. This mansion’s formerly houses occupants that have great authority and power. The first was during the realm of the Qing dynasty 清朝 ruling of 乾隆皇帝 “Emperor Qian Long”, where a very prominent corrupted official stayed in this huge mansion. Later 嘉慶帝 “Emperor Jia Qing” prosecuted and confiscated all his corrupted estates, money and his mansion. He was sentenced to death by hanging in his mansion. In 1851, 咸豐帝 the "Emperor Xianfeng" assigned it to his brother 恭親Prince Gong, and the mansion was named after the Prince.

This house is very huge and grand. The balcony and fixtures are very luxurious. It definitely cost a lot of money to build and it is impossible for a common person to own. During the visit you will also realized the fact that, even thou the house is so beautiful but the powerful occupant 和珅 “He Shen” could not even stay for long. As he is cruel and evil, he robs and steals with his powers and his name was condemned and hated for centuries. Finally he was punished and had to endure a horrible death.  He had amassed an incredible fortune equivalent to Qing Dynasty 15 years of imperial revenue which were all forfeited. As the Buddhist teaching once said “Nothing can be carried away with you but only your karma” 萬般带不去,唯有业随身 'wan ban dai bu qu, wei you ye sui shen'.
 During the era of 道光帝 “Daoguang emperor” another national hero of the Opium War 林則徐 “Lin Ze  Xu” an official in the Qing Dynasty. He is recognized for his conduct and his name is still a legacy being considered as a role model for moral governance. Below are the two "Zi Wei Dou Shu" charts for beginner’s research purpose. Both have 天机 Tian Ji and 天梁 Tian Liang in the 命宫 Ming palaceone belongs to a corrupted official and the other is a hero. Very often, many beginners are confused  would love to ask questions like, “Is this star in my Ming palace good?” or “Is Tian Ji and Tian Liang a very good military strategist?”
“He Shen” - scheming and good in strategy. Greedy and his corruption gains was tremendous and he died in a shameful and horrible way.
“Lin Ze Xu” impulsive and outgoing. Justice and fair. Love his people. He burnt the opium and became famous. During the age of 57 years old, the British forces gave pressure to the Qing government and he was exiled to the remote regions.
Prince Gong’s Mansion Feng Shui 風水  .
Built for “He Shen” in year 1877. He was prosecuted in year 1899. 坐北向南 Sitting North Facing South.
Three obvious flaws.
1)      Powerful Luck Period Running Out
2)      Reverse Lian Zhen Land Formation
3)      Dead by Hanging Occurrence Violated

Fire Burning Heaven, Family Bearing Unfilial Son 火烧天家生骂父之儿

Does FENG SHUI  affect Destiny or 運 "ming yun" Destiny is controlled by Feng Shui? With continuous research and verification, you will find that when a person is good luck he will stay in a good feng shui house. So then, which is more important? Or is it after the feng shui master advice, he becomes a billionaire. Below is a real life chart and house of a family member of our student. His chart is heavily influenced by feng shui and is also controlled by destiny therefore his life scores has been reduced. During his good cycle, he was not doing extremely well. But during his bad cycle the stove and the door influenced his attitude and health. Can you analyse the difference between luck cycle vs feng shui influence? So which is in control? Practitioners with good skills will already have the answers in their mind.  

In this case, the guy is working in a foreign company in the wood industry having to supervise 3 subordinates. According to his zi wei dou shu chart he would possess virtual authority and he is  in a good cycle. Till dead he was staying in a government allocated house. His chart is affected by the environment and his luck cycle is not following his actual path. During his younger age till the age 34 years old he has had bad relationship with his parents. He is impulsive and hot tempered. At the age of 31 he quareled with his dad and punched his dad due to some minor issues. Whenever he lost control of himself he will hurt his parents. Even when his mom tries to be strict and hurt his ego, he would throw away his moms belongings. He is a person that likes to enjoy himself, womanized and is not responsible towards his own family. During 35-44 he divorced. During the age of 45-54 he remarried and gave birth to a son again. During that time he was able to enjoy a little life. At the age of 49 years old he got cancer. During the age cycle of 55-64, he divorced again. From the age of 45 onwards his relationship with his parents improved greatly & he became filial.

This house formation is 未山 "wei shan"  mountain 丑向 "chou xiang" facing. The House was set in 五 "wu yun" period 5. Their stove is in the 6 3, 9 6 & 1 7 sector. 乾卦 "qian gua" and its 五行 "wuxing" five element is "jin" metal,  representing head in body parts and old man. And 離卦 "li gua" element is "huo" fire and it controls metal. So it is also describing the flying star formation of fire burning heaven, family bearing a child that abuses his father 火烧天家生骂父之儿 "huo shao tian jia shen ma fu zhi er".
So people that resides in this house will have the tendency for children sickness and cramp. Every week  his children will goto hospital. Until his first wife divorced and brougth their children away from the house and so they all recovered. He also changed the stove in year 1990 and his cancer recovered. But after he changed his stove to 5 8 and facing 2 it caused his second wife to have complication during pregnancy. His latest son was also very stubborn and hard to teach. Chidlren are disobedient to him too. During his death his youngest current son refused to come and pay a last respect to him at the funeral, stating that he was busy!!